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Hello, everyone. First of all, thank you for reading my writings! My name is Jacqueline, usually called Jack or Jay. I am an architect, and I love to travel. I also have an interest in photography. Those hobbies lead me to write about everything I have learned and experienced in this world.

After the completion of the architecture scholarship from my campus, I had a career as a journalist, and once became an elementary school teacher in a small city. I came back again to my birth place to fight in the field of public engagement through a civil society organisation. I once had an opportunity for a master’s school in community development at a university in London. Currently, I work in the field of public policy in my hometown.

The wide interest made me interested in many areas: architecture, education, and community development. I am also pleased to observe the role of media and literacy in encouraging the active involvement of citizens to realise social change. In my spare time, I like to cook, travel, and write.

So, enjoy my writings, and I hope we can exchange information and knowledge about many things together. Do not hesitate to contact me!