6 Quick Hacks to Improve Your Room Atmosphere in the Summer

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1. Turn off the lights or use lights with small voltage

Any type of light is definitely emitting heat energy. The lights that are turned on constantly will cause the room feels hotter. If it is not being used, you should turn off the room lights.

But if you are not comfortable with the atmosphere of a dark room, take advantage of table lamps that are not too bright or lights with a small voltage. Reducing the use of incandescent lighting will create a small difference in cooling the house.

2. Maximize the fan guidance

There is a simple trick in utilising the fan to make the room feel cooler. The usual way to use a fan is to blow it directly to the body. Yes, it will make you feel cool for a moment; However, it can make you catch a cold. Especially if your fan is dusty.

If you want to feel the cool air in the room evenly, point the fan at the wall opposite to your body. This can create a better air circulation, and the cold air will flow smoothly throughout the room.

You can also create your own air conditioning at home. You do this by using a basin and ice. Fill the basin with ice cubes. Afterwards, place the ice-filled basin in front of the fan. Thus, the cool air of ice can spread throughout the room.

6 Quick Hacks to Improve Your Room Atmosphere in the Summer

3. Place the plants in the room

The plants will bring coolness in your room. As you know, plants produce oxygen during the day. Oxygen certainly creates a room feel more cool and fresh. So, to make the room feel cooler, place a medium-sized plant in the room. But before bed, you should remove the plant from the room. This is because at night the plants produce carbon dioxide.

4. Close the curtains

Nearly 30 percent of the heat in the unwanted room comes from the sunlight coming through your window. Using a curtain can lower the temperature significantly. Closing the curtains can prevent your room feels hotter, especially for windows that are facing to the west and south.

5. Take advantage of the door

Closing the room door will prevent the cold air from entering the room areas during the hot days. If you want to feel the cool air flow, open the door so that this air can flow naturally into the room.

6. Place the ceiling high

The low ceiling makes the house feel more cramped. On the other side, the ceiling placed in a high position will create a room that looks broader and feels cooler. If you want to reduce the heat significantly, you can also use a layer of aluminium foil which is then placed just below the tile. It can resist heat.