10 Mistakes of Home Interior You Don’t Want to Face

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Everyone makes a mistake in terms of interior design. Professional designers certainly think of every detail of the design of an interior. Therefore, let’s learn from mistakes and do not repeat these in the future. After listening to 10 common interior design mistakes, you will no longer do the same.

10 Mistakes of Home Interior You Don’t Want to Face

1. Make every room has its own function

In terms of decorative, sometimes the theme of the design is too focused than its function. The beautiful room should be functional as well which will make your home perfect.

2. Select new furniture, then paint the wall properly

Some people start painting the house cheerfully without thinking of the new furniture to be placed in it. Then they’ll just realise later that all of the furniture colours are not matched with the walls. Ouch! You sure don’t want this to happen right? Then, plan everything thoroughly from the beginning!

3. Did you forget to measure it?

This may have happened to one of us before: Buying furniture is very nice, but unfortunately, the size does not fit into the new room. Therefore, measure your room first and adjust the size of the appropriate furniture in it. The furniture that is too small is less suitable with a large space-so consider carefully before buying anything.

4. Does everything fit together?

Of course, we are happy when the walls, floors, furniture and ornaments are so fused in a room. Sometimes we need to review whether everything is really harmonious. Too much uniformity can be boring, by putting small accents at some point, such as bright red cushions in the room, will make the area livelier.

5. Beware of the trends!

Nothing more exciting than following the current trends. Since you never know how long this trend exists, think well about the selection of furniture or the colour of the room. The bright green sofa looks cool? If green is your favourite colour and this furniture will be at home for ten years: fun! If not, choose a neutral coloured decoration.

6. Appropriate personal taste

It’s about personal style: always and especially on the four walls themselves. That’s why we should not be influenced by others who love interior decorations like minimalist, romantic or rustic-and want to control the colour selection. Let’s listen to our feelings and follow the style that suits us. So the housing design does not look like a strange object.

7. Favorite color

Everyone has their favourite colour – at least most of us. However, that does not mean a suitable colour will be optimal to any room or wall. If the strong colours are dominantly distributed, this will burden the room.

Space sometimes is suitable to fairly neutral colours, and the furniture comes in a contrasting colour. Try to mix it properly by a thorough designing.

8. The right lighting for the room

One of the most important elements involved in rooms: coherent room lighting. When the light at the surface and angle is properly extinguished, we arrive at a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.

Therefore our tips: the lights on the ceiling should shine brighter. Because saving different light sources that can be turned on as needed later is better.

9. Too many accessories in one room

Most people are often hard to leave the room without decorating something. But beautiful ornaments also sometimes become less good when everything is added randomly.

Tips: Wisely choose the decorating objects in the targeted room.

10. Large or unique quantity?

Decorating on the bar or rather the design object? It’s a matter of taste. Keep your eyes open for unique items that really represent us. This can be paintings by artists, memories of a beautiful journey, but can also be something that is made and presented beautifully.