Macau Sightseeing Tour – Exploring Three Hidden Gems on Taipa

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Taipa is the largest island of Macau and one of the nicest areas in the territory, but while many tourists come here to visit the old “village” and the new casino-resorts on Cotai Strip, less than a few of them know the island boasts some less familiar sightseeing spots that are also worth visiting.

This article will guide you through three of the less visited sightseeing spots in Macau.

1) Pou Tai Un Temple


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Tacked on small Lou Lim Leok Street, far from the Taipa’s touristy areas, this temple and monastery is not as ancient as the famous temples on the peninsula, but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in lavish decorations and ornaments.

Built 150 years ago, Pou Tai Un Temple is possibly the territory’s most architecturally rich shrine and other than beautiful statues and religious pieces-of-art, it also boasts some beautifully manicured gardens. Another good reason to come here is the temple’s vegetarian restaurant, where you can enjoy a nice meal at a fairly moderate price.

2) Taipa Pequena Hill


Rising above Pou Tai Un Temple, in the northern part of Taipa, the forested hill boasts a nice and fairly easy trail, as well as some view points from which you can take beautiful views of Macau Peninsula and the mighty bridges.

One of the main attractions here is the “Taipa sculpture complex”: A chain of beautiful wall reliefs on a zigzagged wall, depicting the day-to-day life of the people of Macau. These sculptures were created by Portuguese artist Dorita Castel-Branco, who was inspired by The great wall of China.

Only a few of the visitors who come to Macau know that Taipa used to be two separate islands in the past, until land reclamation projects united them … Taipa Pequena Hill (Small Taipa), is one of these “historic” islands.

3) Taipa Grande

To know more about Taipa Island, as well as other Macau sightseeing spots, visit Macau Attractions and Sightseeing Guide, where a special section is wholly dedicated to Taipa.

Taipa Grande, the island’s highest hill, is located in the southeastern corner of Taipa, between Macau International Airport and historic Taipa Village, and just like Taipa Pequena, this hill was also once a separated island.

The main draw here is the “Taipa Grande Trail”, which climbs to the top of the hill, passing through some lovely observation points and primary forest.

The trail starts from Nicolau de Mesquita Street. To get here from Taipa Village, you should walk through Rotunda Ouvidor Arriaga and Hotel Taipa, until you see a tiny park on your right hand side, neighboring a small cemetery.

That’s all folks, if you plan to stay in Macau for more than just a day or two, and want to see more than just the usual touristy spots, than Taipa’s “hidden gems” are well worth thinking about.

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City of Flowers – Guangzhou

City Of Flowers
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Major options that come with Cantonese cuisine are that steaming, braising, baking, baking abilities worrying that dishes ought to be fresh, tender or smooth tastes ought to be raw, crisp, fresh and thin obvious although not tasteless, fresh although not strong, tender although not half-cooked, oily although not too greasy worrying using strong fire to prepare to obtain full tastes and tastes.

Due to Guangdong’s location about the southern coast of China, fresh live sea food is really a niche in Cantonese cuisine. In the Cantonese perspective, it’s best cooked sea food by steaming.

If you are looking at Cantonese food and wish to check it out, please book Guangdong Plane tickets and begin your vacation of scrumptious Cantonese food.

Unlike other Chinese cuisines, the Cantonese usually serves soup before meals. The elements of the rather costly Cantonese slow cooked soup are: fresh whole chicken, dried air bladder of cod seafood, dried ocean cucumber and dried abalone.

Guangzhou has got the workmanship of roasted drawing pig in excess of 1400 years. Once the Her Majesty Full Elizabeth II is at Guangzhou the Whitened Swan Hotel entertained her roasting drawing pig. Roasting drawing pig is easily the most representational traditional food in Guangzhou in most cases offered for special events.

Roast Goose is just one of Guangzhou’s most well-known dishes and is among the traditional roasting dishes of Guangzhou.The wings, ft and entrails being removed, your body will be blown, besmeared with five aromatic seasonings, made in stomach, shortly boiled in water, put with cold water, besmeared with sugar juice, air-dried and maintained, after which hung and folded within the oven or over the flame. Work into pieces, arrange about the plate also it can be offered. The roast goose colored brown and tasty.

Now a days there seems a unique pattern in Guangzhou’s catering trade, featuring several types of food styles, such as the traditional food and innovative food. In Guangzhou, people could eat Chinese food cooked in western style or Western food cooked in Chinese style, southern style food with northern flavor, northern style food with southern flavor. Each one of these food styles make Cantonese food more appealing.

Cantonese Cuisine, or Yue Cuisine, is just one of eight famous types of dishes in China including Lu, Chuan, Yue, Min, Su, Zhe, Xiang, Hui Cuisine in China. Cantonese Cuisine, including Guangzhou Cuisine, Chaozhou Cuisine and Dongjiang Cuisine, includes a lengthy history.

Travel Recommendations “Macau”

The attractions from Macau are actually varied. A lengthy stairs leading to the wall structure along with vacant home window positions is actually the initial picture from St. Paul’s Cathedral you obtain when you appear at this.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral
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Macau has actually constantly remained in the darkness from close-by Hong Kong. A bunch of individuals have actually never ever become aware of this title, as well as from those that have actually listened to lots of presumed that was actually merely an area from Hong Kong.

One more tourist attraction is actually the playground called in tribute from one of the most popular citizen from Macau, Luis de Camoes, Portugal’s biggest artist, which functioned listed here as a policeman from the colonial management. Within this extremely playground, he commonly beinged in the thick cover from plants, appreciating the greatness from the surrounding underground chamber which was actually eventually provided his title. The cavern is actually currently adorned along with the seizure from the writer, as well as a variety of his sonnets in the authentic and also in Chinese interpretation are actually sculpted on the wall structures.

Luis de Camoes

camoes garden macau
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The earliest from the holy places in Macau is actually devoted to the early siren A-Ma as well as was actually constructed extra in comparison to 600 years back in the course of the regime from the Ming Dynasty in respect from the deity from mariners as well as anglers. Depending on to a tale, when Portuguese yachters landed on the coastline near the holy place as well as talked to the title from the location, the local area individuals claimed ‘A-Ma-Gao’, that is actually the Bay from Ama. Thereby, the Portuguese called the headland Macau.

Bay from Ama

headland macau
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The most significant organic tourist attraction on the headland is actually Colina da Guia hill. Exploring paths bring about its own peak as well as throughout the chain of mountains, to the well-known watchtower

Street Paul’s Cathedral

Street Paul’s Cathedral is actually bordered through the fortress Fortaleza carry out Monte. This is actually a really severe stronghold, turned right into a gallery from Macau.

An item from Europe in South East Asia, Macau is actually a little area, however that is just one of the busiest tourist places, acquiring, baseding upon some records, over 23 thousand vacationers annually. Why? Merely read through under.

And also however Macau is actually a distinct area, incredibly fatherlike as well as extra European. Macau is actually somewhat little in region, as well as its own mainland component can easily be actually strolled all over in only one time. Slim rock roads from Macau rose the pitches from hillsides and also develop an environment from a middle ages European city.

Midtown Macau

Midtown Macau is actually an item from social swap in between East and also West, which has actually been actually creating for greater than 400 years. The best early and also comprehensive building culture from Europe that has actually endured in China till today time may be located listed here. In 2005, that was actually featured in UNESCO World Heritage List.

Travelers frequently explore the Gardens made in the 19th century by wealthy Chinese vendor and also carried out in the exact same type as the widely known Suzhou backyards. A specialty from the playground is actually a residence in western side type. Our home is actually neighbored by substantial fish pond, excessive along with bamboo and also adorned along with air-bridges, rock down payments, bushes and also structures.